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Sunday 30 March, 2014


The article features the MAZACS story, my fashion icons, and the people who continue to inspire us.

Newspaper Feature

Daloy Kayumanggi is distributed all over Japan both in English and Tagalog. You can also get your free copy @ http://www.daloykayumanggi.com/subscribe-1. All you have to do is fill out the form and submit it.

We would like to thank Pido Tatlonghari for the Feature Interview as well as Mr. Erwin O. Brunio, Editor of Daloy Kayumanggi, Mr. Mario, and all the people involved in this publication.

Sunday 23 March, 2014


Yellow Bikini


South America will always be known for its exotic, sexy, and free spirited people and culture. I guess that's the reason why I married one of them. ;) With that in mind, at MAZACS, we are truly thrilled to bring Touché, another Colombian brand, to Asia.

What can I say about Touché, it completely embodies the personality of Latin People, Latinos. Their 2014 Summer Swimwear Collection, or Balnéaire, is injected with playfulness, flirtatious prints, and bright colors, all without losing its sense of Glamour.

Who can resist this bright yellow, utterly fresh bikini? To keep it understated, I decided to pair the look with a sexy, Black Shirt Dress, also by Touché. I just adore how you can match it with any outfit, be it a pair of leggings or skinny jeans, or a skirt. The great thing about it is that you can wear it both at work or to the beach.

Bathing Suits

Since the year 2000, Touché Balnéaire has been providing women an array of Swimwear made of lightweight, high-quality, luxurious materials that are both practical and very comfortable.

Bathing Suits 2

Touché is always “seeking to satisfy the needs of a modern and avant-garde woman.” Their Beachwear manifests elegance, sophistication, romance, and sensuality.


With retail stores, franchises, department stores, and boutiques in over 25 countries, Touché continues to expand its distribution channels in order to satisfy the global needs of the contemporary woman.


More great items from their latest collection. I'm truly hooked on their Fedora Hats, especially the one I'm wearing in the Cover Photo!!! They are simply one-of-a-kind.


With one of the lovely staff at the Touché Store in the Centro Comercial Palatino in Bogotá.


A special thanks to Ms. Manuela Arango, head of PR at Touché for this incredible opportunity to represent the Touché brand in Asia.

Sunday 16 March, 2014


Black Striped Blazer

BLACK STRIPED BLAZER: H&M Japan (@hmjapan)

I guess some of us, just like myself, are not into a traditional black blazer. This is why I chose this one-of-a-kind striped black one from H&M. The Black and White stripes give it a spin that we all Fashionistas look for.

I also love the length, and not only that, you can match it with almost any color. It's definitely a must have for any “IT” girl at work.

Tip: You can match this blazer with any loose trousers for work or a pair of skinny jeans if you're going for a street style.

Sunday 9 March, 2014


Black Tankini

BLACK TANKINI: H&M Japan (@hmjapan)

At long last, Spring is almost here!

I'm sure a lot of us can't wait for this bitter Winter to end. That being said, we are truly grateful to have been invited once again to an H&M Japan event, this time their 2014 Spring/Summer Collection Sneak Peak. The event was held last year, on Thursday, December 5th at their showroom in Shibuya.

Spring Collection

What can I say, I loved it. This year's theme is more focused on playful prints, a modern Bohemian feel mixing feminine and masculine styles. I really think incorporating the juxtaposition of both for this Season's Collection is truly clever.

It's not just about florals though. I also love their jackets, boots, not to mention their sweaters. I think it's a wonderful transition from Winter to Spring. After all, it's still pretty cold, though, I must admit, it's starting to get warmer.

Shirt & Boots

But let's not forget their Summer Collection, featuring the elegant, curvaceously-sexy Black Tankini I'm wearing in the cover photo. And what about this lovely, flowy Maxi Dress and this adorable blouse? Don't you just love the fabric, as well as the marriage between white and green? I can totally see myself wearing it to work along with a sleek pair of white trousers and a blazer.


Hope you guys check out their collection. I'd hurry if I were you, before they run out of stock!

Til' next time. ;)

Sunday 2 March, 2014


Mario Hernandez Cover

LEATHER TOTE BAG: Mario Hernandez (@muymario)

"A truly elegant taste is generally
accompanied with excellency of heart"
- Henry Fielding


Mazacs is truly honored to represent Colombian-based Mario Hernandez, one of the biggest Fashion Designers and Entrepreneurs worldwide. What follows is the tale of a genuinely remarkable experience, an experience we had while traveling in South America.


Our journey begins on a sunny mid-February morning inside the captivating, beautifully-encapsulated walls of the "Old City" in Cartagena, Colombia.

Built as a Spanish Defense Fort in the early sixteenth century to protect the city from pirates and corsairs alike, "La Ciudad Vieja" is now a bustling labyrinth of music, romance, cafés, outdoor restaurants, and exquisite fashion boutiques.

Among them, in the picturesque Av. San Martín, is Mario Hernandez. It cannot be missed; it would be simply foolish to do so...


It is now 9:57a.m. on a Monday morning in Bogotá, as we find ourselves waiting at the exclusive Centro Comercial Andino. In less than four minutes, we'll be meeting with Ms. Ingry Mariño-Molano, Merchandising & PR Representative at Mario Hernandez. A cocktail of nerves of excitement and expectation run incessantly through our veins as the clock hits 10 and we walk inside.


In true Colombian fashion, Ms. Mariño-Molano, Ingry, is friendly, warm, genuinely welcoming.


Over the course of the day, together, we will visit the Mario Hernandez Workshop in the busy, ever-flowing Industrial Area of the city. There we will not only get a chance to see the magic and experience the effort, expertise, craftsmanship, and passion of creating something truly wonderful, but we will also have the chance to meet the Man himself as well as his lovely family.

But let's not rush ourselves...



How does one describe a Mario Hernandez store? Facts usually do not tell the whole story, they do not suffice. Sure, numbers impress; like having over 20 stores in 11 cities in Colombia or over 40 worldwide, including The US, Aruba, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Russia.

Essence and beauty however are found between the lines. A place can be 4 walls and a roof. It can also however, be an experience, an adventure to be lived, a journey to be taken.

At Mario Hernandez, everyone is greeted with a smile, every customer is valued; a woman looking for a chic leather bag in the brand's Big or Small Lines, a man thirsting for a trendy wallet, a traveler in search of a sophisticated, comfortable, practical way to carry her/his luggage.


"...with love Cathy, with love." These are the words of Maria Fernanda Hernandez, daughter of Mario Hernandez and company CEO. "Our bags, our shoes, our clothes: they're made with love."

Maria Fernanda

Walking along the aisles of the Mario Hernandez Workshop, a place with over 300 men and women, 300 leather experts whose craft has been passed on from generation to generation for the more than 35 years of the brand's existence, I sense the love Maria Fernanda is talking about. Every stitch, every cut, every measurement is precise, detailed, of the utmost quality. There is love for Fashion, love for art, love for excellence, love for creativity, love for color, love for learning and teaching, love for teamwork, love for pushing the envelope, love for innovation and functionality. There is love; and it shows in the final product.




How can one describe Mario Hernandez? How can one do justice to The Man? Designer, successful businessman, Brand Creator since 1978, father, friend, hard-working, goal-oriented individual, 2012 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, food lover, avid golfer, journalist; the list goes on an on, the accolades innumerable.

For me however, the man I met was honest, easygoing, friendly, warm. The man I met was very much REAL. Behind the hugely successful business that is the Mario Hernandez brand, I found someone kind enough to interrupt his busy schedule to meet, laugh, joke around, and take a few pictures with a Fashion Blogger coming all the way from Tokyo, Japan.


It truly was an honor for us to visit the Mario Hernandez boutique in Cartagena, its Flagship Store at the Centro Comercial Andino, and its Workshop/Factory in Bogotá. But most of all, we're thankful to the wonderful people who made this experience possible and ultimately unforgettable: Mr. Mario Hernandez, his daughter Maria Fernanda, Ms. Ingry Mariño-Molano, as well as all the men and women working at the Factory, those who smiled when we approached them, took pictures with us, and simply made us feel truly welcome.

Upon our departure, Maria Fernanda gave us a hug, and told us it had been a real pleasure to have met us. I beg to differ; the pleasure was all ours.

Saturday 22 February, 2014


Black Ensemble Part 3


Nothing beats a Tweed Jacked paired with an all-black outfit. It possesses both extreme elegance as well as sophistication.

This jacket will surely enhance the subtlety of your all-black attire. Remember, less is more ladies!!! ;)

Part Four coming soon...

Sunday 19 January, 2014


Black Ensemble Part 2


For a more laid back look, I chose to ditch my boring suit. Instead, I decided to pair my All-black Ensemble with this bright Red Orange Sweater from H&M.

I know most of us are complaining about this cold, bitter, freezing weather. However, one thing I like about Winter is that you can wear sweaters at work, covering your arms. They're very stylish, yet comfy, and will definitely keep you warm.

See you next week. ;)

Sunday 12 January, 2013


Black Ensemble Part 1


This New Year, we've decided to up the ante. We've decided to provide more tips and ideas on how to mix 'n match your clothes. I guarantee you, you'll be surprised how much money you can save while still looking glamorous everyday, both at work and on the street.

To be honest, I hadn't thought about this until recently, when some of my friends asked me how I managed to go shopping everyday! The truth is, I don't. Actually I go shopping only once a month.

As some of you might already know, my husband and I both work really hard on this blog, almost 24 hours a day! As such, there's really no time to go out. It's all worth it though, we love what we do.

For the first look, I've decided to match my all-black ensemble with my ZARA Trench Coat. Thank God for them, they're tremendously trendy nowadays! I can't stress it enough how big of a fan I am of this look! It gives you that minimalist approach while at the same time providing that subtle, necessary oomph. Not only that, it also keeps you warm throughout the day and night, be it outside or in the office.

Tip: You can layer this black top with a thick sweater both before and after work. It'll surely protect you from the recent harsh, cold weather we've been having.

Stay tuned for the next look, coming next week. ;)

Sunday 5 January, 2013


Monki 1

What a way to start the year, another wonderful opportunity for us!

On Thursday, December 5th, 2013, Mazacs was invited to attend the Monki pre-Spring Collection Event at its showroom in Shibuya, Tokyo. Monki, as some of you might already know, is an exciting, different, unique Swedish brand.

But before we continue, let us take a moment and look back at 2013. It truly was an amazing year for us. We feel really blessed. Honestly, we didn't expect to accomplish as much as we did; all these amazing, wonderful things in less than a year of existence. We can't thank you enough for your endless support and appreciation for our hard work.

In Monki, we have found a new member of our Fashion Family. We share the same concept, the same beliefs. Fashion is a gift, a tool to express our own individuality. Monki believes there are no limits in terms of style and creativity. It encourages people to be liberated, to express your own identity, to be free-spirited; in short, to be yourselves.

Monki 2

Who says you can't wear playful prints and colors at work? This marriage goes really well together. It expresses both freedom as well as playfulness.

Monki 3

Let's face it, us women love to carry our entire closet with us, hehehe. With that in mind, I truly believe this is a must have for all you working ladies out there. Everything is perfect about this bag: the size, the prints, and the leather. And let's not forget one of the most important things, durability. This bag will certainly last for a long time.

And what about this edgy, fun, metallic clutch? Truly a unique and practical way to carry your important documents and files while at the same time looking stylish and fashionable.

Who says you can't wear a backpack to work? Not only can you put a lot of things inside when you're on the go, it also helps you with your posture.

Monki 4

Who wouldn't fall in love with these sunglasses? They're truly fashion-forward. You can match them with practically any black and white outfit.

If you want a more contemporary look, you can always rock a fabulous pair of brown sunglasses for Spring.

On the other hand, if you're a tad more conservative, more classic, you can always opt for black sunglasses, which by the way match with any outfit.

I'm truly amazed how Monki not only sells great clothes, but accessories as well.

Monki 5

Of course, as with every fashion event, there are always freebies and perks. Who can resist these tempting goodies? I honestly wanted to take them all with me.

And so, there you have it, the Monki 2014 pre-Spring Collection! A big thank you to Tabasa-san at Monki PR for inviting us to this amazing event. Hope to see all of you next month at a Monki store in Japan!

Monday 23 December, 2013


For this upcoming Christmas and New Year, Mazacs has decided to launch its very first YouTube MUSIC VIDEO. We would like to share our struggles and our triumphs with all of you, all of those who have supported us in our journey.

We would also like to express our most sincere gratitude to Mouri ARTWORKS Studio in Meguro, Tokyo, Japan, http://global.mouri-aw.com. A big thank you to the owner, the lovely Yuko and Satoru, one of the greatest sound engineers we have met. Thank you for making this recording a dream come true for us.

YouTube 1

We hope to encourage everyone to face your own demons and fight whatever battles your are going through in life, head on, never giving up. Discovering our inner strength has been one of the greatest gifts we've ever been given.

YouTube 2

Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year!!!

Sunday 15 December, 2013


Polka Dot Dress


For our Grand Finale, I decided to wear a blue and white Polka Dot Dress from H&M. We usually wear Polka Dot dresses both on New Year's Eve and/or New Year's Day. After all, they are known to bring Good Luck and Good Fortune; surely a must-have for the Holidays!

You can throw on a long white blazer for a more corporate look at the office. Just take it off at the party for a more stylish look!

So, there you have it, the Fab Winter Holiday Dresses Miniseries. Hope you liked it. ;) Happy Holidays everyone!

Sunday 8 December, 2013


Zara Lace Dress


This season Lace Mini Dresses are so trendy!

I decided to pick this stunning ZARA Mini Lace Dress for a formal party. I really like everything about it, from the style to the fabric; but most especially, the color! You can never go wrong with a black ensemble.

The dress can be paired with a long, black cardigan or blazer while at work. Just go bare at the party! You will surely look fab!

Stay tuned for the Winter Holiday Dresses Finale, coming next week!!!

Sunday 1 December, 2013


VS Sweater Dress

BROWN SWEATER DRESS: Victoria`s Secret (@VictoriasSecret)

The Winter Holidays are just around the corner, and so are all the fabulous Year-end Parties all over the world!!! Here in Tokyo, we call it “Bonenkai,” literally “forget the year gathering.”

For most of us who work really hard, Bonenkai is often held after work. As such, there's no time to go home and change. No need to stress about it though; I've decided to come up with some fab dresses that we can wear both at work and at the party.

Nothing beats a Victoria's Secret Sweater Dress! It's very sexy and warm, yet truly understated. It hugs your body just right, accentuating your curves. You'll surely turn heads!

Stay tuned for part two, coming soon!!!

Saturday 23 November, 2013


My Glossy Patent Skirt

GLOSSY PATENT SKIRT: Monki (@monkiworld_jp)

This skirt by Monki is truly a head turner!!!

I met the lovely Tabasa-san, the PR Spokesperson for Monki at a fashion event. There, she asked me to check out their store, Monki, recently opened in Harajuku, in Tokyo, Japan. They also have an on line store, www.monki.com

Monki is actually a Swedish brand. As you all know by now, I'm very much into European Fashion so evidently, I didn't think twice about it.

But back to this amazing skirt. I really love the fabric and the uniqueness of it. It's very edgy yet understated. It's basically an ordinary skirt with a huge twist; a glossy patent.

I'm really glad to have met Tabasa-san and being introduced to Monki. I've actually added this brand to my store list. ;)

Tip: You can match this skirt with almost any type of sweater, be it Cashmere, Mohair, or even an ordinary wool sweater. A loose top would do as well. The skirt can be worn both with or without tights.

Hope you like it...

Saturday 16 November, 2013


For The Philippines

Due to the devastating disaster that my country, The Philippines, just had, we have decided not to post any look for this week. We would like to pay our respects to the people who have lost their loved ones, as well as the countless number of victims of this terrible tragedy. We are deeply saddened by this situation, but rest assured, we keep you in our prayers.

Honestly, I can't fake it. I can't smile or pose in front of the camera knowing that at this very moment, my country is in so much grief and suffering. As I mentioned before, my father passed away this year. I truly know that words, no matter how many, cannot give comfort to those who have lost their families and friends.

Both my husband and I were here in Japan during the March 11th earthquake and subsequent tsunami. Like you, we have also experienced a life and death situation first hand. I can never forget the fear I felt when everything around us was shaking. It seemed everything was falling apart, everybody around us was screaming. All I could do was cry and pray at the same time. I really thought that was it for me, for us.

I can still remember staring at my husband, thinking to myself that this would be the last time I would be with him. I wanted to call my family, I wanted to cry for help but the phone lines were all disconnected. As the earthquake kept going, I remember all I could say was “Lord, let Your will be done.” My mother has always tried to prepare us for these situations. She has always told us to never stop praying, to get it together, to not panic.

I guess I'm sharing this with all of you in the hope that maybe, in my own little way as a writer/blogger, I can give you some kind of hope amidst your despair, your devastation. I would also like you to know how much love and support we Filipinos have been getting, not just from Japanese people, but also from the many foreigners living here in Japan. We're all working really hard to send our help to all of you there, whether it's a little bit of money, relief goods, or simply whatever we can give to help those who are starving and have lost their homes.

It's true what some of you have said on Facebook, this kind of situation is beyond our control. Some of you have compared Japan to The Philippines, noting that Japan, as one of the most developed countries in the world, knew what to do when we had the earthquake and tsunami. The Philippines on the other hand, was not prepared for such a calamity and perhaps has never been so. Some of you said this was due to a lack of technology and poor governance.

I've been here in Japan for more than 10 years; perhaps it's true. We've always had drills, training, reminders of what to do in such situations. However, when the earthquake hit us 2 years ago, a lot of us seemed to have forgotten what we were trained to do. I guess you never really know what to do until you have to experience it. No matter how prepared, how advanced a country is, if things are meant to happen they will, they are simply unstoppable.

I would like to conclude on a positive note. It's true that we cannot control everything, but we can certainly control ourselves. This is perhaps the greatest lesson I learned from my experience during the 3.11 earthquake. I can control me, I can control my response toward things, toward people, whether it's love, anger, fear, or appreciation.

We survived a monstrous disaster. It was truly a traumatizing and unbearable experience. It took time and it wasn`t easy but we did. We rose to the occasion. I truly believe you will too...

Sunday 10 November, 2013


Another Blessing, an amazing Gift that has been given to us; a feature on PopSugar! (one of the biggest Online Media Networks based in LA) We were chosen as one of their main Fall Fashion features last Thursday, 7 November 2013.

We've decided to publish it here on our website. We want to share our happiness and joy with all of you! We dedicate this wonderful news to all our friends and families, the people who continue to motivate us in this journey.

Popsugar Feature

Fall is fast approaching, and so is leather! According to the New York Fall 2013 runways, leather is back, and it's bringing a big twist with it: it's not only more creative but also more innovative! You can now match leather with almost anything, from your basic white tee or fabulous knit sweater, to glamorous furry tops and coats.

This look is inspired by the show The Vampire Diaries. I'm really fascinated by their fashion concept! I just love how edgy and mysterious it is. It's truly a unique fashion statement while being at the same time wearable in our day-to-day life.

The look is made up of my black leather studded jacket by Zara, a simple black top, and a pair of high-waisted black leggings.

Sunday 3 November, 2013


H&M Picture 1

I'm incredibly excited and thrilled to share this amazing collaboration between H&M and Isabel Marant with you! It's really like a dream come true for me. Evidently, I'm a huge fan of H&M. As you all know, most of the items I feature on my blog are from them.

And let's not forget about Isabel Marant, one of the biggest French designers nowadays, known the world over for her effortless urban style and bohemian elegance. Since her wedge sneakers came out, I've been wanting to buy them! However, I couldn't find them here in Japan.

And so, when H&M invited us to attend their collection pre-launch event at their showroom in Shibuya, I decided to wear once again one of my best H&M pieces, my “Black Leather Dress.”

I've been getting a lot of private messages asking me to do a repost on this look and so I thought: why not take advantage of this opportunity and wear it once again? After all, I was convinced it would match almost any type of outfit from her collection.

I'm totally in love with these rock `n roll shoes. I truly think they make a great pair with my dress.

H&M Picture 2

I adore her over-sized blazers! They definitely scream a trendy, Parisian style. They are wearable both on the streets and in the office; not too over the top, yet, with a touch of elegance and glam. They also keep you warm this season.

H&M Picture 3

Who wouldn't fall in love with these bags? It's just now that I realize they both go so well with my outfit. I NEED to have both of them!

H&M Picture 4

With the lovely PR ladies of H&M Japan. I hate myself for always forgetting to smile. This is what happens when you get too excited and overwhelmed in the showroom! Outside you wanna play it cool but inside you're screaming with joy!!!

Thank you H&M for this wonderful opportunity. We were truly honored to attend the Isabel Marant pour H&M sneak peak last Friday, October 25th. Remember guys, the collection is coming out on November 14th. Be sure to check it out at H&M stores in Japan. Hope to see you there!

Sunday 27 October, 2013


Halloween: A Different Twist!


Halloween is just around the corner, and so are all the amazing and fabulous costumes everywhere! I guess most of us celebrate Halloween because we get to become, at least for one day, the person we want to be.

For me, it reminds me of my father. Sadly, he passed away this year. That being said, I always try to remember what he told me when he was still alive: to be who I wanted to be!

And so, for this Halloween, I decided not to put on any costumes nor masks. Instead, I'd like to share with you: The New Me!

That's why I'm wearing this Neutral Tank Dress by H&M. I honestly think it best represents me. It is bare, basically saying: What you see is what you get.

Blogging and posting my pictures on line is basically putting myself out there. This blog has helped me learn and unlearn a lot of things. Unfortunately, I've also lost some of the people I love and the friends I thought I had. However, I've also gained new friends, and the best part is that I now know who my real friends are.

It has also helped me realize that, as a model/fashion blogger, I have to be healthier and fitter. Honestly, I didn't realize the importance of health until I started blogging. I remember how I couldn't even do a single push up before, never mind a pull up. My husband literally had to train me for over a month. He bought work out videos for me. That's how I got to know about Jillian Michaels.

Since then, she has been one of my greatest inspirations. Every time I feel like I'm about to die during my workout, I close my eyes and imagine her literally yelling at me. It helps me to keep going, it reminds me of the reasons why I'm doing it.

My husband and I decided to have our own mini gym at home. That way, there is no reason for us not to workout since we have everything we need at our place. I'm truly happy and thankful for the support he has been giving me. I didn't just transform on the outside but most importantly, on the inside. I now know the value of hard work. I've learned to become tougher physically, mentally, and spiritually.

I didn't understand before why God had to take away my dad at a very early time. However, I've learned to accept it and let go of the pain. He gave me my husband, another good man whom I can spend the rest of my life with!

Sunday 20 October, 2013


Unstoppable Leather Trend


Fall is fast approaching, and so is leather! According to the New York Fall 2013 Trend Report, leather is back with a big twist; it is more creative as well as innovative. We can match it with almost anything, from a basic white tee to a fabulous knit sweater or a glamorous furry top or coat.

This look is perfect for both street and work styles. I just love how H&M incorporated the leather fabric with this corporate pencil skirt. The fit and the length are fabulous! It also feels very comfortable. And did I mention it's stretchable? It really helps you move freely both on the streets and at the office.

I decided to keep the look understated by matching it with my ZARA basic white tee. I really think they're a match made in heaven; the neckline is made of leather too!

Tip: You can match this look with a black blazer to give it a more corporate approach, not to mention to protect yourself from the cold at night.

Tuesday 8 October, 2013


Cum Laude

When Cum Laude asked Mazacs.com to participate in their remarkable Project, "Cum Laude In The World," we didn't think twice about it; we said yes right away. After all, we share the same principles in regards to Fashion.

As we've mentioned before, we're blown away by the European sense of fashion, not to mention the honorable, current Going Green Trend. Brands such as Cum Laude are promoting Fashionable, Environmentally Friendly clothing. This should definitely be both supported as well as promoted by Fashion Bloggers like myself.

It's time for people to realize that Fashion is much more than meets the eye. Whether we like it or not, Fashion is everywhere, be it bags, clothes, shoes; even in our homes. The electronic gadgets we use, the furniture we buy, they're all related to Fashion.

But back to Cum Laude. The Sicilian brand uses both Italian materials as well as ancient Japanese Kimonos to make their clothes. If that were not awesome enough, they also use silk and hemp, and their textiles are intensified with colors coming from diverse elements ranging from black tea to pomegranate and saffron. Talk about a "natural" Fashion Statement!

In addition, their crafstmanship is truly unique, as Sicilian artisans juggle modernity with Italian tradition to not only innovate but also, create a harmony between fashion and eco-sustainability.

As a lover of our planet, it is my hope that by promoting "Cum Laude In The World," people will be encouraged and motivated to value and pay more attention to our environment, to Mother Earth.

I can't wait for their Spring/Summer Collection next year! It'll definitely be a must buy for all fashionistas here in Tokyo.

Sunday 6 October, 2013


Corporate Grunge

CAPRI BLUE SHEATH DRESS: Victoria`s Secret (@VictoriasSecret), BLACK CARDIGAN: H&M (@hmjapan), BLACK POINTED PUMPS: Zara (@ZARA_JP), BLACK CLUTCH: Mango (@mango)

Who says you can't incorporate the "Grunge" look in the Corporate World? Let's face it, Grunge Fashion is everywhere. Nonetheless, to be honest, it was a bit of a challenge for me to pull this one off.

This Victoria's Secret dress is one of my favorite one-piece dresses. I just love how it accentuates your curves, yet, you still look elegant and classy. It's already starting to get cold here in Japan, especially at night. That's why I always carry my Cardigan with me. I need to protect myself from the cold.

And so, it got me thinking, what if I can find a better way to carry it? Why not wrap it around my waist and match it with my ankle booties? It definitely would create that cool, Grunge-Look Illusion.

There you have it guys. Hope you like this one!

Tip: You can actually "wear" the cardigan at work for a more appropriate office outfit. Also, you can change your booties to a pair of black pumps.

Thursday 3 October, 2013


Lost World Shirts

We are so honored and excited to be chosen as www.LostWorldShirts.com Image Model. We both share the same concept and principle in regards to Fashion. As they mention on their website, "IT`S ALL ABOUT OPTIONS FOR YOUR OWN PERSONAL STYLE. Your personal freedom begins with Self Expression. Free yourself from mass identity and Celebrate your style with an exceptional look."

We couldn't have said it any better, that is who we are, that is what mazacs is all about. We truly believe that fashion is limitless, be it Corporate or Street Styles. As individuals, each and every single one of the ways in which we express ourselves should be celebrated, accepted, and appreciated everywhere.

Sunday 22 September, 2013


by Samantha Jaclyn

Article on MAZACS featured on FirstStreetFashion.com

Not every gal has the luxury, desire, or capability to be a walking street style fashionista all day. Believe it or not, many of us are in the work force, yet still have a secret fashionista inside of us.

All the way from Japan, this street style influenced blog caught our eye. Their unique concept of bringing fashion into the work world is both clever and definitely needed. Fashion is often about being creative, innovative, and wearing items a way in which most would not come up with (especially with today's huge street/urban style influence).

However, what happens when you are working a day job, and it's not socially acceptable to wear a "creative" outfit? Mazacs.com is a place to blog, read, and get inspiration for the working women out there that still have a passion for fashion.

They highlighted a few items that caught our eye here in the States. Although FirstStreetFashion is based in Miami, we still have an obsession with fall fashion. Mazacs pointed out this fur coat which we LOVE. Definitely FirstStreetFashion approved.

Furry Vest

In their next photo, you'll see a simple yet stylish outfit. We adore the simplicity of this outfit. The cowboy ankle booties are fabulous.

Mazacs.com was a pleasure to find and highlight. We really appreciate the high-fashion/street style influence paired with the working women. Keep and eye out for this blog, they are definitely on the uprise.

Sunday 22 September, 2013


First Street Fashion

A few days ago, we posted our latest look, "Fallin' Already!" on our Instagram account, @mazacsfb. One of the people who liked our post was Samantha Jaclyn, @firststreetfashion. Having heard of her for the first time, I decided to check out her Instagram Gallery as well as her website, www.FirstStreetFashion.com.

What I found was amazing. Not only do they feature fabulous, up and coming designers and their collections, but also, you can purchase their items directly from their online store.

I decided to take a peak. It was there that I found this stellar, "Back It Up Black Skull Studs" bag. I was completely blown away by its design, concept, and material. Its designer, LA based "PopMolly," uses recycled materials for her bags, thus promoting the current "Going Green Trend." I found this to be very considerate to our environment, noble, and definitely praiseworthy.

Let's face it, it had me at hello. It's a perfect embodiment of the mazacs theme, the fusion of street and work styles. And if it couldn't get any better, it comes in different colors, making it even more flexible and easier to match with any type of outfit, be it Corporate or Casual!

Overall, I'm really amazed by FirstStreetFashion's concept as it helps fashionistas like myself discover and feature items like this one on our blog; we are always on the lookout for the trendiest and most fabulous items featured online. I also think that the website itself is very admirable as it promotes and gives uprising fashion designers and bloggers(did I mention there's a wonderful blog section too?) the opportunity to be introduced to the world, the chance to showcase their skills and craftsmanship to the fashion industry.

Check it out guys, it's definitely a must!

Sunday 15 September, 2013


Fallin` Already

FURRY VEST: H&M Japan (@hmjapan), BLACK BOOTIES: Colin Stuart for Victoria`s Secret (@VictoriasSecret)

For our first Blog Anniversary, I decided to start our 2013 Fall Looks by featuring once again my Furry Vest from H&M Japan, @hmjapan. Honestly, this was the very first clothing item I bought from them! It was also our very first look on lookbook.nu/mazacs.

Even though we posted the look last April, technically, the idea of fashion blogging, as I mentioned in my previous blog, was introduced to me by my sister last September.

It's amazing how time flies and how my husband and I started everything literally from scratch! This is why this furry vest is so special to me. I remember seeing it hanging on the rack at the H&M store, it was the only one left. I grabbed it and headed for the cashier right away!

I just love it; it's edgy, yet it possesses that necessary softness. Its timeless beauty makes it possible to match with almost anything. You can wear it in Fall, Winter, and Spring. It's both Street Style and High Fashion.

I guess it's the same in life and with people in general. For me, it manifests "Openness," the "Willingness" to grow and learn from our day to day experiences and the little discoveries we encounter as we go along. Honestly, I'm amazed, humbled; but most especially, I'm thankful. This blogging experience has helped both my husband and I to realize that each day is part of a learning process, that everything should be taken one step at a time.

Tip: You can match this vest with a shirt, T-shirt, mini skirt, a pair of pants, or your favorite jeans. You can also wear it with a pair of shorts, just like the ones in this look. It's still hot here in Japan but a bit cooler than last month. I guess Fall is really on its way. :) Happy September everyone!

Sunday 8 September, 2013


Mazacs Inspired 2


Another one of my husband's clothes!

Last week I featured his Corporate Look so I decided to focus on his Casual Style this time! As I love dressing up myself, I sometimes do the same for my husband! I guess I could say we have the same taste for fashion! We want something that is not too over the top, effortless yet with enough oomph and edginess to make it a fashion statement.

Just like this Ferrari t-shirt(my husband loves Formula 1); it screams fire, fierceness. Yet, it's understated, giving you a laid back appeal!

To give the look a bit of a punch, I paired it with my studded leather jacket and my skinny ankle strapless sandals. The latter, to add that necessary feminine jolt.

Tip: I honestly think women can still look sexy even with men's clothes on! After all, Androgynous Fashion is the current trend!

Til' next time guys :)

Sunday 1 September, 2013


Mazacs Inspired

WHITE SHIRT: Calvin Klein (@CalvinKlein), HIGH WAIST DENIM SHORTS: Topshop (@Topshop_Japan), OXFORD SHOES: Nautica (@nautica)

A lot of people have been asking me who or what Mazacs is. And so, finally, I've decided to reveal it in this blog.

Obviously it's not me. Actually, it comes from my husband's name, Masaky. Some people call him Mazacs at work and so, I thought to myself, why not name the blog after him? After all, he's the reason why this fashion blog came into existence.

My pretty sister Carren, who happens to look exactly like me ;), hehehe, was the one responsible for introducing fashion blogging to me. I was very excited but a bit hesitant at first to tell my husband about it. As we all know, a lot of men are not into fashion. I didn't think he would be willing to go through all these troubles. Evidently however, he said yes right away! The only question that came out of him was "Do you really want this?"

So here I am blogging about him. I decided to dedicate this blog to him (pardon me for being too cheesy). It's his birthday! This is my way of saying thank you for the unconditional love and support he has given me throughout this process. I'm really grateful that I'm married to my crush, my photographer. But most of all, I'm grateful for being the luckiest girl in the world. I have him and I truly thank God every single day for showing me how much He loves me, for giving Masaky to me.

The look is inspired by him. This is literally how he looks when he's at work, minus the long hair of course!

Tip: The theme of this look is Men's Wear Inspired. The shirt is my husband's. Yet another thing all you ladies can do when you're lazy or don't have the time to go shopping!!!

Hope you enjoyed it...

Sunday 25 August, 2013


Print 2 Print

LINE PRINT BLAZER: H&M (@hm), SUNGLASSES: Gucci (@gucci), WHITE EARRINGS: Nouveau Japan, PRINT PANTS: Topshop (@Topshop_Japan), WHITE TANK TOP: Zara (@zara), BLACK CLUTCH: Mango (@mango)

This is the first time I decided to match a Line Print Blazer with Print Bottoms! I just love how they play opposite to each other, yet the colors still go well together.

I realized you really have to be more adventurous and try to break free from everything that is general, common in life.

This blog has helped me a lot to find and discover the real me, my real identity and personality. All this time, I thought taking risks was "obviously" risky and would actually hurt me. As we all know, people are usually really hard to please.

However, I also learned that everybody has their own way of expressing themselves. As for me, it's through this blog that I'm able to unleash the real me. At the end of the day, it'll always go back to "You Can Never Please Everybody."

With that said, I've also learned the value of RESPECT, to always listen to people's reasons, to try to understand where they're coming from, to try not to judge anyone ever again.

Tip: Since it's still humid here in Japan, for long walks you can just wear a tank top just like the one I'm wearing here and put on your blazer once you get to the office.

Finally, we would like to say Thank You to all of you for your continued love and support. You truly continue to inspire us everyday!

Sunday 18 August, 2013


Back To Work


Summer break (Obon Week) here in Japan is over. I know a lot of people don't wanna go back to work. Unfortunately, that's how it is, back to the real world. As for me, I've decided to go back to the original theme of my blog, a fusion of both work and street styles. After all, Summer is about to end.

Recently, I've been really obsessed with crop tops. This Bustier Crop Top was really love at first sight for me! The pop of colors and crazy prints are just amazing and adorable. However, it was a huge challenge for me to incorporate a work style with it. Thank God for my Cobalt Blazer and Pencil Skirt; honestly I think they make a good match.

I paired the look with my pair of Red Pointed Pumps to create a dynamic duo with my Cobalt Blazer and Skirt.

Tip: As soon as I get to work I make sure my blazer is all buttoned down for a more appropriate look at the office. The last thing you want is to get a memo from your manager!!!

Til next time...

Ciao ;)

Sunday 11 August, 2013


HALTER CROP TOP: Topshop (@Topshop_Japan), HIGH WAIST DENIM SHORTS: Topshop (@Topshop_Japan), TURBAN: H&M (@hm), CITRON POINTED PUMPS: Zara (@zara)

I went to Topshop - @Topshop_Japan - recently and hated myself right away. I just realized, how come it's just now that I decided to check out their style and image? I guess it's because I've always been too safe and too girlie and so, my fashion style has been too polished in a way.

Now however, I'm really starting to appreciate more of that "Tomboy" look. It manifests a sense of flexibility and genuineness, just like the outfit that I'm wearing now.

Both the Halter Crop Top and the High Waist Denim Shorts represent it. I guess it's the same thing in life. We all have to be open to every change that comes along the way, especially if it's a change for the better. At least for me, that's yet another thing I learned this time.

I decided to feature my Citron Pointed Pumps from Zara - @zara - once again as I wasn't able to highlight them in my previous blog.

Til` next time guys! Have a great day everyone!

Tip: I wear this Halter Crop Top on my way to work in order to survive the unbelievable humidity here in Japan and then I change at work. It really helps me stay fresh and sweat free and still look good during my commute to work! You can do the same as well ;)

Sunday 4 August, 2013


That Beach Tee

SWIMWEAR: A.I., SUNGLASSES: Gucci (@gucci), BLACK TOE SANDALS: Topshop (@Topshop_Japan)

A lot of people think that all white t-shirts are the same but in reality, they aren't!!! As I was just reading Aimee Song`s blog, @aimeesong, I was very happy to realize that someone thinks the same way I do. This look is actually inspired by her blog (I'm a huge fan of hers).

OK, about the tee; I actually have 10 white tees and I know it sounds crazy but I really do because they're all different. Take a look at this sheer shirt that I'm wearing now for example, it's perfect for the beach. The fabric is perfectly thin for summer yet loose, giving you that effortless chicness you need outdoors.

I decided to tie it up to feature this amazing swimwear that I have here too. I'm so in love with its chain belt. I really thought it was very edgy and fashion forward. I've never seen anything like this, I mean swimwear with a belt attached to it. It's so non-conventional in a good way.

The look is paired with my Topshop Black Toe Sandals.

Tip: When buying white tees its always good to try it on first before you buy it. Believe me, they can be deceiving. Feel the fabric and pay attention to its neckline and length. Not to mention, size DOES matter. It all depends on the look that you're going for.

For my skinny jeans, I choose something that is tighter, or let's just say my actual size. If you're going for the sporty look, choose something that is bigger and looser to give you that laid back feel and look.

Hope this helps. See you next time!

Monday 29 July, 2013



BLUE TEE: Gap (@gap), BLACK SKIRT: H&M (@hm), PLATFORM PUMPS: Zara (@zara), DIGITAL WATCH: Diesel (@diesel)

This GAP tee is my favorite lazy shirt. If I could wear it everyday I would! I also realized that I should experiment more on my looks, be more "out there" and just have fun. I wanna take things less seriously in life and just go with the flow. I've also realized that caring too much over small things won't help me at all. Instead, it'll just make me more miserable and tense all the time. After all, you can never please everybody, right?

The watch that I used here is actually my husband's. I bought it from Diesel for his birthday last year (hehehehe). I don't really wear big watches but today I felt I needed to match this outfit with a big watch so I decided to borrow his; lifesaver!

Let's not forget these killer platform heels from Zara. I'm sure all you ladies would agree with me how uncomfortable it is to wear shoes without stockings on. I wanted to balance out the look with both work and street styles. As this is the theme of our blog, I decided to finish it with my black ankle socks.

Looking back at the pictures after the shoot, I realized I had just created a punk look so I decided to name the blog, GAPunk.

Tip: Just throw on any black blazer and roll up the sleeves up to your elbows for a more serious yet laid back look for the office. Put on any socks with either your sandals or shoes on your way to work. This is so you can protect your feet from painful sandal blisters; they can really rub your feet the wrong way during long walks!!!

Sunday 21 July, 2013


Bluer Than Blue

TANK TOP: Zara (@zara), DENIM SHORTS: Gap (@gap), BLACK SNEAKERS: Converse (@converse), RUBBER BRACELETS: H&M (@hm)

Who says you can't wear your tank top to work?

Honestly, this is me trying to survive the heat and humidity here in Japan, not to mention the crowded trains and subways during rush hour! It can be unbearable, believe me. The last thing we want is to look "unfresh" and sweaty when we go to work, right?

So, I've decided to come up with these looks on how to work your tank tops both at work and on the street. I chose this blue/cobalt top to punch-up the looks even more.

Tip: Zara Japan and H&M Japan have basic tank top colors you can choose from. I suggest you go for plain or just basic prints to make it easier to match them with your blazers, trousers, or skirts when you go to work. Yet another practical way to look fab both on the street and at work!

See you next time. :)

Monday 15 July, 2013


Pure Calle


This month I'm all about pure street (Calle in Spanish) fashion as it is roasting hot here in Japan! I've figured it's better to change before and after work, just so that I can survive the "forever" walks here. Among my favorites is my Fuchsia crop top. I can match it with almost anything, be it loose pants, high waist skirts, or just my pair of high waist shorts, the ones you see here. :) I just love how practical and useful it is. The pop color also gives you that extra oomph you need in a street style.

To make the look edgier, I decided to match it with my favorite black skinny ankle straps.

Tip: Match this look with either a pair of black trousers or any sleek, mid-length skirt to avoid carrying a lot of things in your bag when you need to change at work.

Hope this helps!

Ciao ;)

Sunday 7 July, 2013


BROWN ROMPER: Victoria`s Secret (@VictoriasSecret), ORANGE SATCHEL: Zara (@zara), CREAM BLAZER: H&M (@hm), AVIATOR SUNGLASSES: H&M (@hm)

Another favorite of mine from Victoria's Secret - @VictoriasSecret. - I just love its deep V, backless style. It makes it flirty and fun at the same time. The front keeps it plain, yet chic with its haltered neckline. The soft, silky fabric just glides smoothly onto your skin, making it very comfortable, perfect for outdoors.

The look is cinched, once again, with my bright orange satchel, adding a pop of color. :)

Tip: Put on a black or cream blazer to protect your back from the freezing indoor AC. It can certainly be a bit chilly at night.

Monday 1 July, 2013


My Summer Dress

DRESS: H&M (@hm), CLUTCH: Claire`s Japan (@ClairesStores), CITRON POINTED PUMPS: Zara (@zara)

I just love the flexibility of this Summer Dress; the cut, the playful prints, and not to mention the colors! They play opposite to each other making this ensemble suitable for both work and high street fashion.

To give this look a little twist, I decided to match it with my low-heeled, Citron Pointed Pumps.

Tip: Pointed pumps can be uncomfortable at times during long walks and hours at the office. Make sure you get the right size. And don't forget, buy your shoes in the afternoon. Our feet get a bit bigger at this time and shrink at night. The last thing we want is to pick the wrong size, right?!

Hope it helps ;)

Monday 24 June, 2013


Bare & Black


Another Summer/Rain getup for me.

Rain combined with humidity can really make you feel lazy. I just really want an outfit that is totally effortless, something comfortable that you don't even have to think about. That's why I chose it, an all-black ensemble. After all, you can never go wrong with all black, right?

I love how this black tank top keeps me feeling fresh all day, not to mention sweat free. It's not too tight, hugging the body just right. And what can I say about my skinny leather pants, I just love how they protect me from the rain.

Together, certainly one of my best staples ever. It gives me that edgy, yet low key glam look I need when I'm on the go or at work.

To up the ante a little bit, I decided to pair the look with an adorable pair of skinny, strapless sandals and a cute, orange satchel.

Monday 17 June, 2013


Summer Knitwear, Summer Leather

KNITWEAR: H&M (@hm), LEATHER MINI: Zara (@zara), LEATHER NUDE PUMPS: Zara (@zara)

Don't you hate it how the weather can be so unstable at times? The morning starts out really sunny, beautiful and warm, and then, suddenly, out of nowhere, it starts pouring, right into the night. Talk about feeling uncomfortable, especially when you have your Summer outfit on!

I guess this is why I bought this knitwear top from H&M - @hm - and decided to match it with my Zara - @zara - Leather Mini. Both pieces are definitely ideal for this type of climate. The top is sheer, great for daytime, yet thick enough to help you get through a sudden, unwelcoming shower. It also keeps you warm indoors; we all know how freezing the AC can be at times.

As for the leather mini: very fashion forward yet comfortable with its perfect length and cut. It gives you that fresh feeling, the fabric inside is soft, essential for warm weather. The outside, leathery, is water resistant.

I decided to cinch this look with my Zara - @zara - leather nude pumps, one of my favorite pairs really. They're simple, yet, provide that sophistication needed at the office.

Monday 10 June, 2013


My Summer Essentials

BUTTONED DOWN WHITE TOP: H&M (@hm), SHORTS: Gap (@gap), WEDGE ESPADRILLES: Zara (@zara), BAG: Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 (@Louis Vuitton)

Perhaps like most women out there, I also have a set of "must carry/to go" Summer items I can't leave home without. Two of them, my uniform, are my Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 - @LouisVuitton - and my Zara Wedge Espadrilles - @Zara -.

What can I say about my LV, it's been a lifesaver. I can put almost anything inside it; from my make-up bag, i-pad, camera, to my coffee mug. I sometimes even include my walking ballet flats(ok, maybe a bit much - of course I put them in a clean shopping bag so my LV won't get dirty -), and, yes , my lovely Wedge Espadrilles :). My Summer can't be complete, will never be complete without them.

I guess I just need to wear my Espadrilles this season. Honestly, I think they're the ultimate Summer trademark, very stylish yet fun and comfortable for walking. And what about `em heels ha? Perfect! Perfect! Perfect! Not too high, and definitely not too low.

Together, the bag and the shoes, the shoes and the bag, these 2 items are must haves for any woman, wise buys you can wear with almost any type of outfit or color. They truly match almost anything.

As a fashion blogger , I need something I can just grab and put on when I'm on the go without having to worry whether they match my get up for that day. And that's exactly what my LV and my Espadrilles are, truly heaven sent.

I'm really happy to have them, my very own Summer Essentials.

Monday 10 June, 2013


Victoria`s Secret Maxi Dress

PINK & WHITE MAXI DRESS: Victoria's Secret (@VictoriasSecret)

I bet you're all thinking to yourselves, hmmm...there's no way this dress is ever going to be part of my office attire!!!

Well, you're absolutely right.

I've been dying to wear this dress ever since I bought it but there'd never been a chance, not until now at least, not until I decided to finally do it. I thought to myself, why not give my blog a break from the street and work style fusion and do something different this season? After all, it's Summer; we all deserve a Summer Break, right? :)

I've always been a Victoria's Secret, - @VictoriasSecret - fan. I love how the Victoria's Secret Angels inspire women to be fit and healthy. And so, when I saw Candice Swanepoel, @angelcandice wearing this maxi dress on the VS Online Shopping Store, I immediately clicked buy, even if back then it was still Winter, hehehe.

So here I am now, blogging about it. The dress is perfect in every way. It's beautifully executed. The top shows just the right amount of skin while the bottom, long enough to give you that ethereal and flowy feel, yet comfortable, is cleverly done, great for a walk on the streets or at the beach. I'm blown away by the pretty floral palette and the wonderful marriage of pink and white.

I can honestly go on and on about this dress, I really think it's breathtaking, and I must say, I'm in love with it. Thank you Victoria's Secret for not only creating magnificent, body flattering lingerie for us women, but also, for coming up with stellar, fab pieces like this one.

Monday 27 May, 2013


Blood Orange Dress


Who says blood orange is too bright for work?

Yay, at last, after what seemed to be forever, Summer is here once again!!! And so are these eye-popping colors! I must admit, this one is a bit tricky to pull off at work. I can already imagine a Japanese businessman(probably a woman too) politely raising his/her eyebrows, in all likelihood thinking to him/herself "sugoi desu ne, akarui -bright- desu ne."

With the right shoes however, a pair of plain black pumps for instance, and some low-key accessories, you'll definitely be good to go.

I like how the color of the dress plays opposite to the fabric and style. It screams fire while at the same time exuding simplicity and sophistication. The dress is sexy, yet subtle, flirty, yet understated. With its proper length and cut, its perfect for the office.

There you have it guys, Part 3, the final piece of the H&M Minidress Series puzzle. Hope you liked it! Stayed tuned for more Summer posts, coming soon.

Mata ne...

Tuesday 21 May, 2013


Shop to Heal


The other day I was having my usual cup of coffee before shopping when the song Summer Holiday by Cliff Richard started playing on the radio. It brought back a lot of memories, memories of my father. I remember clearly how he used to sing it to us when we were kids, it was one of his favorites.

My father passed away recently. Listening to that song, sitting on that chair at that moment in that coffee shop, it brought back a lot of pain, like a knife stabbing at my heart. I started crying but forced myself to stop; I didn't want people to look at me, to notice. For those of you who have lost someone close, I'm sure you can relate, I'm sure you can understand how the memories of those we've loved and lost bring so many mixed emotions, happiness and joy to know they were once part of our lives, sadness and grief at the realization that they're gone.

People find comfort in different things. I wanted to find comfort in shopping, the only way I knew how, the only way I could. I wanted to ease the pain. Inside I knew I was grieving and I wanted to manifest it through a dress, something tangible that required no talking. I honestly can't and don't want to talk about my Dad's passing but in time I know I have to, that's the only way I will heal.

I remember what Miranda Kerr -@MirandaKerr- once said in an interview, how a woman should be able to dress based on what she feels on any given day. As black is death and yellow is life, this ensemble is both. It reminds me of my loss, but also, that everything will be OK; that in time, I will feel better, I too will heal.

Sunday 5 May, 2013


Black Leather Dress


Who says you can't wear leather in Spring?

According to the Elle Magazine -@ELLEmagazine- Trend Report for Spring 2013, leather is definitely here to stay. As for me, I've been drawn to it for a long time, ever since it came onto the runway. I must admit I wear my black skinny leather pants to work almost on a weekly basis...I even bought a studded leather jacket very recently. Is that too much you might ask? Not for little ol` me. I love leather, I'm always on the lookout for the next great piece. That's how I found...

...drum-roll please...

a Black & Beige Mini dress!!! Certainly yet another fashion forward ensemble by H&M. Let's face it, it had me at hello.

The dress is ultra chic while at the same time, it gives you that cool, fresh, effortless look. It's fashionable and trendy, yet, not too over-the-top. The plain beige fabric is enough to give it a hint of formality, that seriousness required for the office. Just throw on a sleek black blazer and you're good to go.

And so, there you have it. Part 2 of the H&M Minidress series is coming soon, so stay tuned!!!

Monday 22 April, 2013


Rockin Da Pantz

BEIGE TOP: H&M (@hm), PAISLEY PANTS: H&M (@hm), BLACK COAT: H&M (@hm), PLATFORM PUMPS: Zara (@zara)

I've been feeling a bit homesick the last couple of days, don't know why; must be the weather I guess. It should already be Spring by now but the weather just keeps changing, up and down, up and down, up and down...plus the rain, I HATE rain!!!

Here in Japan it seems we never stop walking, good to keep your legs lean and toned, not good if you're walking to work in the middle of a Japanese Taihun(typhoon); talk about a bad hair(and face and body) day.

We got lucky on these shots, it was still cold. If you look close enough, I'm sure you'll notice my clenched left fist. If only these photos could talk, I was literally shaking while doing the shoot...but, in the wise words of the great Tim Gunn, I kept on smiling, I made it work, all for the sake of Fashion.

Not too long ago I decided to go to the H&M store in Yokohama. Let me tell you, the moment I saw these paisley pants, the first thing that came to my mind was home, my country, The Philippines, a little city called Baguio, arguably the only cold place there; (a shout out to all Filipinos there). Actually I'm not officially from Baguio, in fact, I'm from Manila but I went there a lot as a kid, that counts right?

But back to the pants, there's something about them, something about the print and the juxtaposition of red and black, it puts me in touch with my own ethnicity. I love how patterns scream authenticity. In addition, the thick fabric gets you through the Japanese weather. Not only that, I also love how you can wear them either with a pair of pumps or some hip sandals, how they're fresh and vibrant for Spring while at the same time a bit dark and demure, perfect for Fall.

I guess that's how we Filipinos are, warm and friendly, yet still fashionable and sophisticated -if you don't believe me just look at Bryan Boy (@BryanBoycom) and Tricia Gosingtian (@tgosingtian), both Filipinos, both successful in the highly competitive world of Fashion blogging.

I can't help but feel happy, proud of my roots, inspired to write my 3rd blog, Rockin` Da Pantz. Maybe I can rock it out in the future too :)

Monday 22 April, 2013


My Metallic Pink Shirt

BLACK STUDDED BLAZER: Zara (@zara), METALLIC PINK SHIRT: H&M (@hm), BLACK MINI: H&M (@hm), BLACK BOOTIES: Colin Stuart for Victoria`s Secret (@VictoriasSecret)

Who says you can't join the metallic fever while at work?

Inspired by the recent Spring 2013 Metallic Fashion Trends, I decided to give the traditional black suit-and-skirt a spin; I decided to mix it with a high wattage, eclectic top. I really like how the concoction of orange and pink came together, like a cocktail at a fashion show after party, perhaps a little awkward at first, but somehow cool and soothing to the taste. To be honest, at the beginning I didn't even think it would blend that well with black.

For me, it's a way of breaking free, adding a touch of electricity, a hint of excitement to the otherwise dull, The Matrix black concept of the city. I imagine Neo must be rolling in his (digital) grave just about now.

But back to the look; the black pairing really showcases the sparkly details of the shirt while at the same time keeping it conservative enough for work.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that expressing oneself through fashion in a place of work can be very challenging. You want to be distinctive, but, at the same time, there's that fear of being different from everybody else.

Even in life it's much easier to pick a side, choose black, choose white. Expressing yourself too much could be offensive to some, perhaps even careless or insensitive. On the other hand, too normal would be deemed lifeless, rigid, inflexible.

The key, as with anything, is to find your center, create your own balance. It's something I'm still learning, something I continue to learn as I go along...not a bad start don't you think?

Monday 11 March, 2013


Paris Fashion Week Street Style

BLUE & BLACK FURRY VEST: H&M (@hm), CITRON SWEATER: Zara (@zara), NUDE PUMPS: Zara (@zara), BAG: LOUIS VUITTON SPEEDY 35 (@LouisVuitton)

Inspired by the recent Paris Fashion Week Street Style. Creates a great marriage between Spring and Fall fashion trends. The vivid color of the Citron Sweater plays opposite to a dark, Fall-inspired Furry Vest. The look is complimented by a pair of understated nude pumps, generating an ensemble wearable in both Work and Street styles.